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Our Mission

We will build a digital health system for all cancer patients. It will be so simple to use that every patient will take back control of how they feel. When we are through, no patient will feel alone and the immediate connection with your care team will be taken for granted.

Meet the Cancer Symptom Tracker Team

We are dedicated to changing the way you experience healthcare, to make life easier, and connections faster.

Ameer Ali


Ameer Ali is the Clinical and Operations lead at Cancer Symptom Tracker and is creating groundbreaking solutions to enhance patient care at the pharmacy. With a background in pharmacy and digital platforming, Ameer finds joy in building healthcare products that are loved by the customer while solving painful and frequent problems in the user’s life.

Dave Krebs

Engineering Lead

David Krebs is the Engineering Lead at Cancer Symptom Tracker and driving force behind the scenes.

David is also an Apple enthusiast and hardcore Mac user.

Todd Sega, PharmD

Clinical and Business Development Lead

Todd Sega is the Clinical and Operations Lead with Cancer Symptom Tracker. Todd has a passion for letting the patient’s voice become the change in healthcare.  He believes the patient’s voice is enabled through Patient Reported Outcomes and reliable quality measurement.   Todd is a pharmacist who holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the Raabe College of Pharmacy at Ohio Northern University.